How To Ensure That Your Amazon Kindle Is In Warranty?

You can ensure your Amazon Kindles warranty coverage as well as status with this complete guide. Visit Amazon's Device Warranty Page to confirm your warranty coverage, and search for your device the applicable warranty. By accessing your Amazon account or by getting in touch with the Kindle's customer support your warranty status can be checked. The user can organize to repair the device at no extra cost, in case the device is under Amazon Kindle's warranty,.

Your Amazon Kindle can be helpless to defects, performance problems or accidents, like any other device. These issues can be solved by you through the advantage that Amazon warranty offers is the good news. The warranty includes no extra changes to you but merely offers restricted coverage of preferred situations with defective hardware or performance problems.

What Is My Amazon Kindle Warranty Coverage?

If you are eager to know that what sort of coverage your Amazon Kindle is under, go through these steps to check your applicable warranty.

•    Visit Amazon's Device Warranty Page
•    To know what sort of kindle you have confirm your device to decide.
•    To confirm the applicable warranty and coverage for the device use the table.

What Is My Amazon Kindle Warranty Status?

If you require reviewing the present warranty position on your Amazon Kindle, you have to log in to your Amazon account to verify the date of purchase.

•    Visit the Amazons Home Page
•    On the top right of your window Sign in to your Amazon account
•    To access your account enter your username and password
•    On the top right click the option Account & Lists
•    Click on Your Orders after entering into your account.
•    Amazon Kindle order should be evident. Click on the drop-down menu to choose when you purchased your device in case your order is not visible. Now you will be able to notice details of your Amazon Kindle order.
•    The date when you bought your device will be listed in Orders Placed at the top left corner. To determine your warranty status you can use the date of the order.

Contact the representative at Kindle support phone number in case you have not purchased the Kindle directly from Amazon and not able to access the order details.

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